जानलेवा हुआ वायु प्रदूषण, प्रति एक लाख में 195 लोग ख़राब हवा से गँवा रहे जिंदगी

Fri, 08/02/2019 - 02:29

भारत में 2016 में हर एक लाख लोगों में से 195 लोगों की जान वायु प्रदूषण की वजह से चली गई. हेल्थ इफेक्ट इंस्टिट्यूट ऑफ ग्लोबल एयर की रिपोर्ट में ये बात सामने आई है. भारत इस मामले में अफगानिस्तान, पाकिस्तान और नाइजीरिया जैसे देशों के लगभग बराबर में खड़ा है. हालांकि एक और पड़ोसी चीन का रिकॉर्ड भी इस मामले में खराब है. रूस की हालत भारत से तो बेहतर है लेकिन एक महाशक्ति के तौर पर उसकी हालत भी खराब ही मानी जाएगी.


थाईलैंड का प्रदूषण से बुरा हाल, ड्रोन से करना पड़ रहा है पानी का छिड़काव

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 03:08

भारत में प्रदूषण के खराब हालात के चलते स्कूल बंद करने पड़ते हैं.दिल्ली में ऑड इवेन के जैसे फॉर्मूले पर गाड़िया चलानी पड़ती हैं.कुछ इसी तरह के हालात एक और एशियाई देश थाईलैंड के हो चुके हैं.यहां भी प्रदूषण के चलते राजधानी बैंकाक के 400 से ज्यादा सरकारी स्कूलों को बंद कर दिया गया है.


Shashi Tharoor releases white paper on pollution in Delhi

Mon, 12/04/2017 - 23:46

New Delhi, Dec 4, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Monday released a white paper on air pollution in the national capital, saying the people of Delhi have a right to breathe, but the central and Delhi government are preventing it.


Checking pollution: Government needs to act

Tue, 11/14/2017 - 11:02

The Delhi government has declared a medical emergency with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) sending out alarming messages on its website, calling for states to tackle pollution on a "priority basis".


Swaraj India slams Delhi government moves on pollution

Sun, 11/12/2017 - 00:14

New Delhi, Nov 12 (IANS) The Swaraj India party on Saturday hit out at Delhi's Aam Aadmi Party government's knee-jerk reactions to tackle the pollution menace instead of taking long term institutional measures.


Kejriwal urges northern states to join fight against pollution

Thu, 11/09/2017 - 21:34

New Delhi, Nov 9, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday blamed stubble burning in Haryana and Punjab for the "severe" air quality and said the neighbouring states should join hands with Delhi to find a solution.


Indians can live four extra years if air-quality standards are met

Tue, 09/12/2017 - 00:08

New Delhi, Sep 12, India being one of the most polluted countries globally, just meeting the international air-quality standards can add "four years" to the average life of people here, while meeting the national standards can add one year, says a study.


SC calls for collective effort to clear up polluted air

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 22:46

New Delhi, April 13, The Supreme Court on Thursday said the time has come for all to realise that a collective effort was needed to clear up the polluted air and the automobile industry has a huge role to play in this.


Beijing lifts red alert after 5 days

Thu, 12/22/2016 - 11:42

Beijing, Dec 22 (IANS) Beijing lifted its red alert for air pollution on Thursday after the smog dispersed in the wind and the skies cleared once again over the Chinese capital.


Green groups call for deal to cut down super pollutants

Wed, 10/12/2016 - 17:50

Kigali (Rwanda), Oct 12 (IANS) Environmental groups on Wednesday urged world leaders to come together for an ambitious deal to cut down heat-trapping super pollutants like hydrofluorocarbons and reaffirm their Paris commitment to take steps to tackle climate change.


Patna's air 5 times above safe levels, 2.5 times worse than Delhi's

Mon, 06/20/2016 - 18:20

In 2016, the air in Bihar's capital, Patna, was classified the world's sixth-most polluted in a World Health Organisation (WHO) ranking of 3,000 cities in 103 countries. There are 10 Indian cities among 20 globally with the most polluted air.


NDA did well on pollution but slow on flagship schemes: CSE

Tue, 06/14/2016 - 20:20

New Delhi, June 14 (IANS) The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) on Tuesday appreciated the BJP-led central government's work on pollution control and monitoring but also pointed out tardiness in its flagship programmes like sanitation and Ganga rejuvenation.


Soon a dedicated institute for pollution research: Javadekar

Wed, 05/18/2016 - 16:08

New Delhi, May 18 (IANS) Calling for better coordination between the different pollution control boards in the country, Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said on Wednesday that India is to soon get its first 'National Pollution Research Institute'.