With summer peaking, advisory issued for Goa's tourists

Thu, 05/03/2018 - 16:50

Panaji, May 3 (IANS) With the mercury shooting through the roof, Goa's private lifeguard agency issued on Thursday an advisory for the hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals who head for the beaches in summer, especially in May, when the temperature in the coastal state peaks at 38-40 degrees Celsius.


Gut bacteria linked to cause of heart attack

Thu, 05/03/2018 - 14:32

Toronto, May 3 (IANS) The gut microbiome plays an important role in an individual's risk for atherosclerosis, one of the major causes of heart attack and stroke, says a study.


A culture revolution is sweeping through urban India (Curtain Raiser - Shifting Sands of Culture series)

Thu, 05/03/2018 - 12:12

New Delhi, May 3 (IANS) There has been, in recent times, a great churning in what can be called India's "cultural space". Public institutions, hitherto custodians of all things "cultural", have been eclipsed by the rise of new-age festivals and events. Indeed, the involvement of the state in promoting culture is fast diminishing, with private event management companies stepping in to organise cultural events -- at home and abroad -- on a scale never known before.


A Kanyakumari-Kashmir journey for women's security ends in Srinagar

Wed, 05/02/2018 - 19:44

New Delhi, May 2 (IANS) Srishti Bakshi, a gusty woman who undertook a walk from Kanyakumari to Kashmir to create awareness about the security and social status of women in India and their empowerment, ended her journey in Srinagar on Wednesday.


Afghanistan to ensure security of journalists

Wed, 05/02/2018 - 19:04

Kabul, May 2 (IANS) The Afghanistan government on Wednesday assured that no efforts will be spared to ensure the security and safety of the journalists and described the attacks on them as crimes against the freedom of press and humanity.


Facebook can make older adults feel less lonely: Study

Wed, 05/02/2018 - 15:18

New York, May 2 (IANS) If your grandparents are struggling with isolation, showing them how to use Facebook may help as researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have found that social networking sites offer tools and activities that may help older adults feel more empowered and less lonely.


Pet-free city upbringing raises mental illness risk: Study

Tue, 05/01/2018 - 17:54

New York, May 1 (IANS) Children raised without pets in an urban setting are more vulnerable to mental illness than those raised in a rural environment, surrounded by animals and bacteria-laden dust, says a new study.


Eating lots of rice may advance start of menopause

Tue, 05/01/2018 - 15:44

London, May 1 (IANS) Eating lots of refined carbohydrates, particularly white pasta and rice, may advance the start of menopause by about one-and-a-half years, warns a study.


Set-up shop online at $1

Tue, 05/01/2018 - 15:12

New Delhi, May 1 (IANS) Singapore-based e-commerce firm Shopmatic has announced an initiative through which sellers across the country can start an online store for $1 for the first three months.


GST, demonetisation came as opportunities for us: Bata CFO

Tue, 05/01/2018 - 14:00

Milan, May 1 (IANS) A strong, diverse democracy and people's hunger to be in sync with international fashion trends make India a special place for expansion plans for Switzerland-based brand Bata, which did not have to grapple with the challenges that came along with the introduction of GST and demonetisation in the country, says a top company official.


Smoking raises lifetime risk of irregular heart rate

Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:32

New York, May 1 (IANS) Smoking and alcohol consumption increase lifetime risk of a rapid and irregular heart rate, called atrial fibrillation, which can lead to a stroke, dementia, heart failure and other complications, a new study says.


Unesco urges probe in Palestinian journalist's killing

Mon, 04/30/2018 - 22:52

Paris, April 30 (IANS/AKI) United Nations cultural organisation Unesco on Monday urged an investigation of the killing of Palestinian radio reporter Ahmed Abu Hussein, who died last week from gunshot wounds he received in Gaza on April 13.


41 killed in Afghanistan suicide bombings

Mon, 04/30/2018 - 21:52

Kabul/Kandahar, April 30 (IANS) At least 30 people, including nine journalists, were killed as two suicide bombers blew themselves up in quick succession in the Afghan capital on Monday. Hours later, another suicide bomber struck in Kandahar province killing 11 madrassa students.