About Us

Thepeoplepost.com is a free online community for such persons who are deeply interested in unbiased News, online debates and sharing their opinions through polls.

We are news and information site providing visitors more participation through our special segments like polls, opinions, debates and Submit your story.

We are providing visitors with breaking news, sports, world, business, health, environment, technology, lifestyle, entertainment news – all updated 24 hours in a day and seven days a week.

At The People Post, We strive to raise the voice against social issues, to educate, inform and engage the people of India.

We believe in free voice and two way communications. We are committed to contribute in creating a better society.

To encourage participation of people, these are our core features:

Be your own Journalist

We encourage people’s participation in area of journalism. Community members can share the news belong to their neighborhood with us. News can be related to crime, any social issue belongs to the area, or good things happening in the society. People can share with us by “Submit Your Story” option available on Home page.


Challenge members to one-on-one discussion on topics of your choice. Make arguments in several rounds with power of logic. Every round would be voted on the basis of your arguments and the side with most votes wins the debate.


Members can post a question to know the opinion of peoples on it. People can pick a side and make comments for their opinion.


Members can create a poll to see what people think about on that topic. Polls provide an idea about the people’s view on that issue.

My Story

Share your experience with the world which you think people should know it. These experience can be inspirational incident, something you witnessed or faced in your life good or bad. We do not disclose identity until you want.