Canberra, April 28 (IANS) A woman who gave birth on a Jetstar flight has named her son after the airline, the media reported on Thursday.

Australia's Fairfax Media said woman, Saw Ler Htu, gave birth during the flight from Singapore to Myanmar, with the help of the crew and three doctors on board the flight, and as way of thanks, named her child Saw Jet Star.

Jetstar, a subsidiary of Australia's national airline Qantas, allows pregnant women to fly up until the end of their 40th week of the pregnancy for flights shorter than four hours, but passengers were surprised when a woman went into labor midway through the flight, Xinhua news agency reported.

The airline took to social media to announce the news overnight, and praised the crew for their quick thinking, which helped "ensure the safe delivery of our youngest ever passenger on a flight".

"The happy arrival of baby Jet Star was met with a round of applause from other passengers on the plane, so we're sure it's not a moment they'll ever forget either," the statement said.

"The baby boy weighed six pounds, seven ounces and is the first baby to be delivered on a Jetstar Asia flight."

The airline said it would also be contributing $750 worth of baby supplies to the family.