Indira Gandhi

लोकतंत्र की नींव जर्जर हो चुकी है, ऊपर से ज्यादा नीचे के सिस्टम में खराबी है!

Wed, 06/27/2018 - 01:45

एक झूठ की दुनिया तैयार हो चुकी है जिसमें बताया जाता है कि देश में लोकतंत्र की हत्या 1975 में हुई थी.लोग उसे याद करते हैं किसी को कोसते हैं आगे भी ऐसा हो सकता है खासतौर पर अभी की सरकार में ये संभावना जोर शोर से जताते हैं. अभी की सरकार वाले कांग्रेस को घेरने के लिए 1975 का इस्तेमाल करते हैं. इंदिरा गांधी को कोसते हैं और आगे बढ़ जाते हैं.लेकिन इस बहस में जरूरत है राजनीतिक लोगों और उनसे प्रेरित लोगों से इतर एक चिंतन की जो 1975 में जो हुआ वो हुआ लेकिन एक आम आदमी आज के भारत में लोकतंत्र की सीढ़ी में कहां पर खड़ा हुआ है.


Indira Gandhi's fearlessness brought out the best in her

Sun, 11/19/2017 - 03:09

No past Prime Minister of India evokes as much passion as Indira Gandhi. Her admirers believe she could do no wrong and was the messianic leader India needed in her time; her detractors hold her responsible for creating a personality cult, encouraging dynastic politics and weakening the institutions of democracy. As in the case of any leader with a long tenure and an enduring impact, her legacy is one that will be debated long into the future, when today's politicians and journalists, who tend to make snap judgments, have given way to historians and analysts with a longer and more discerning perspective.


Pranab, Manmohan, Rahul pay tributes to Indira Gandhi

Tue, 10/31/2017 - 09:00

New Delhi, Oct 31, Former President Pranab Mukherjee, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday paid tributes to former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on her 33rd death anniversary.


Congress to reach out to people in Kerala on Indira Gandhi's birth centenary

Sat, 06/24/2017 - 20:04

Thiruvananthapuram, June 24 (IANS) The Congress party has decided to observe former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's birth centenary celebrations in a big way with its top leadership reaching out to the people of the state, said Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) president M.M. Hassan.


Indira most acceptable PM even today: Pranab

Sat, 05/13/2017 - 23:44

New Delhi, May 13, President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday said Indira Gandhi was still the "most acceptable ruler" of the country and hailed the late Prime Minister for her decisiveness and fearlessness.


Indira Gandhi was my friend, mentor: Sonia

Sat, 05/13/2017 - 23:24

New Delhi, May 13, Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Saturday described late Prime Minister and her mother-in-law Indira Gandhi as her "friend and mentor", saying the late leader's nationalism was all-inclusive and rooted in the philosophy of compassion.


Indira Gandhi's entire life infused with passion for India: President

Sat, 05/13/2017 - 23:00

New Delhi, May 13, Observing that Indira Gandhi's life was infused with a tremendous passion for India and its people, President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday hailed the late Prime Minister's contributions towards the progress and development of the country.


"31st October' breaks stereotype of Vir Das: Soha

Wed, 09/21/2016 - 19:20

New Delhi, Sep 21 (IANS) Actress Soha Ali Khan says "31st October" will serve to break the stereotypical image of a comedian that her co-star Vir Das is trapped in.


Film on Indira Gandhi's assassination cleared by censor board

Mon, 08/08/2016 - 14:00

New Delhi, Aug 8 (IANS) "31st October", a movie based on the assasination of the country's former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and its aftermath, has been cleared by the Revising Committee of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) after a four-month wait and nine major cuts, the makers have said.