Human Trafficking

दिल्ली महिला आयोग ने देह व्यापर और मानव तस्करो के चंगुल से हफ्ते भर में बचाई 73 लड़कियां

Wed, 08/01/2018 - 02:52

दिल्ली महिला आयोग ने बनारस पुलिस के सहयोग से पहाड़गंज इलाके के एक होटल में छापा मार कर 39 नेपाली लड़कियों को देह व्यापार के दलदल में फसने से बचा लिया। बीते 7 दिनों में दिल्ली महिला आयोग ने अब तक 73 लड़कियों को देह व्यापार, मानव तस्करो से बचाया है।

इन लड़कियों में अधिकांश लड़कियां नेपाल की रहने वाली है और उन्हें दिल्ली नौकरी दिलाने का झांसा देकर लाया गया था। बचायी गयी लड़कियों में ज्यादातर ने अपने परिवार को नेपाल में आये भयानक भूकंप में खो दिया था।


Human trafficking tragedy claims 10 lives in US

Tue, 07/25/2017 - 02:18

Washinton, July 25, One more person has died after more than 30 persons were found in a tractor-trailer parked outside a Walmart in San Antonio in the US state of Texas, making the death toll to 10, officials said.


Human trafficking gang busted in Delhi, 4 arrested

Mon, 10/03/2016 - 20:26

New Delhi, Oct 3 (IANS) The Delhi Police arrested four persons, including a woman, for running an interstate human trafficking gang on the pretext of sending young girls to foreign countries on work visas, police said on Monday.


As human trafficking rises 60%, 6 reasons new bill falls short

Sun, 08/14/2016 - 16:46

Every day, 15 Indians are traded against their will to be, among other things, sexual slaves or forced labour, but a draft law to prevent India's growing tide of human trafficking cases -- which rose 60 per cent in the four years to 2014, the last year for which data are available -- is being criticised for six reasons.


Will verify documents seized from suspected trafficker's house: Police

Fri, 07/22/2016 - 23:44

New Delhi, July 22 (IANS) The Delhi Police will verify the documents it seized during the raids from the house of Pritindra Nath Sanyal, who was arrested after being suspected of running a high-profile escort service and human trafficking, sources said.


To curb the human trafficking, New bill to plug the loopholes

Mon, 05/30/2016 - 22:28

New Delhi, May 30 (IANS) The draft new bill aimed at curbing human trafficking has provided for, among other things,registration of placement agencies and punishment for the use of narcotic drugs or alcohol for the purpose of trafficking.