What Color Are You?

Sun, 10/15/2017 - 01:15

Black. White. Red. Blue.
Four colours. Four people. Four perspectives of life.
One problem. Four thoughts.
It is raining heavily. There is no umbrella.
Thought 1:
It is my bad luck. Why did I have to come without an umbrella today? Why couldn’t someone at home remind me to take my umbrella? I know, they don’t care about me. They are all so busy with themselves that they don’t have enough time for me. Why does this always happen to me? Why can’t I have a happy life? Everyone hurts me. Everyone hates me. I have no right to live. I am the BLACK sheep.
Thought 2:
I shall wait till the rain stops. I can continue my work after that. Till then, I can sit here and read this book. At least from now on, I shall be more careful. I should carry my umbrella with me so that I don’t face such a problem again. This is a lesson in life. This shows me, I should always be prepared for unforeseen troubles in life. Life is like a blank WHITE sheet of paper. Anything may be written on it at any moment.
Thought 3:
Why did it have to rain now? How am I going to go home now? There is so much work to do. This is so irritating. Aaaarrrgghhh!! What do I do now? When is this rain going to stop? I’m going to make sure they pay for it for not reminding me to take my umbrella. How could they have been so irresponsible? Who do they think they are? They are responsible for me facing this problem today. I’ll make them pay till the last drop of RED blood in them.
Thought 4:
Wow! Such a beautiful weather. I’m lucky I didn’t get my umbrella today. Or I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this weather. How beautiful everything looks in the rain! I wish this rain would never stop. Nature really has wonders filled in it. There is beauty everywhere around us. Time seems to stretch forever when it rains. I feel like dancing. I wish I could melt into the vast BLUE skies.
The situation was same. But each one reacted differently. Each had a different thought process. In life, we face many such situations where our thought process dictates how we perceive the problem in front of us. Someone may worry while someone else may get angry. Someone may analyse the situation and try to stay calm while someone else may see the positive side of the problem and enjoy it. This one simple thing shows how different everyone is. One simple trail of thoughts can lead to so many different scenarios. While one might inflict pain one oneself, another may think of hurting others. At the end, it is we ourselves who can control our thoughts and guide them in the right direction. It is within ourselves that we’ll find the colour of our thoughts.
So, what colour are you?

(Article written by Tanuja Pattnaik. She is student of creative writing and working with us as intern)

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