Bangkok, Sep 25 (IANS) Thai police found the dismembered body of a foreign man in a freezer in capital Bangkok during a raid to nail an alleged passport forgery and drug trafficking gang.

The police raided a four-storey building in Phra district on Friday and discovered the body cut into six pieces wrapped in black plastic. Guns and drugs were also found.

A police officer was reportedly injured during the raid, the Bangkok Post reported.

The police official said "We found a big freezer in which the body was chopped into different parts and was concealed in many rubbish bags."

The official said the equipment believed to have been used to dismember the body was also discovered.

The police detained a British national, two Americans during the raid and on Saturday requested the judicial authorities to send the suspects to 12 more days into the custody.

Deputy Police Chief spokesman Col Kissana Phathanacharoen said all three men were charged with offences including concealment of a body, obstruction of justice and possession of fraudulent passports.

"They are charged on five counts including attempting to kill an official on duty, resisting arrest, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, forging official documents and concealing a corpse," a police official added.