This is how brain processes emotional spillover

Sat, 06/17/2017 - 16:26

New York, June 17 (IANS) As part of efforts to understand the emotional side of the brain, researchers in the US have for the first time pinpointed areas directly responsible for emotional spillover.


High-capacity 'Universal' memory in the offing

Sat, 06/17/2017 - 14:46

Moscow, June 17 (IANS) In what could be a ground-breaking development in the future of Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRAM), researchers have found a way to create a 'Universal' memory that is as fast as RAM and has a non-volatile storage capacity comparable to Flash.


MAVEN reveals how Sun stripped Mars' atmosphere

Sat, 06/17/2017 - 14:02

New York, June 17 (IANS) NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission (MAVEN) that completed 1,000 Earth days in orbit around the Red Planet on Saturday has come up with multiple discoveries, revealing how the Sun stripped Mars of most of its atmosphere.


US students mine for water at NASA's 'Mars Ice Challenge'

Sat, 06/17/2017 - 13:30

Washington, June 17 (IANS) As part of plans for long-term human survival on Mars, NASA this week held a competition in which students from seven US universities demonstrated various drilling technologies to extract water from simulated Martian subsurface ice.


New Microsoft keyboard has hidden fingerprint sensor

Sat, 06/17/2017 - 11:36

San Francisco, June 17, Tech giant Microsoft has unveiled the Modern Keyboard that features a hidden fingerprint sensor located between the Alt and Ctrl keys to make the typing hassle-free.


Niti Aayog to set up 1,000 more innovation labs this year

Fri, 06/16/2017 - 20:06

New Delhi, June 16 (IANS) The Niti Aayog will set up 1,000 more Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL), meant to foster innovation, in schools across India by the end of this year to take their total number to around 1,500, a senior official said.


Last month was second hottest May on record: NASA

Fri, 06/16/2017 - 16:16

Washington, June 16 (IANS) Amid concerns arising out of US President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord, a monthly analysis of global temperatures by NASA scientists has shown that May 2017 was the second warmest May in 137 years of modern record-keeping.


NASA's Webb telescope to search for signs of alien life

Fri, 06/16/2017 - 15:28

Washington, June 16 (IANS) Finding signs of life on the earth-sized planets of the TRAPPIST-1 system and on Saturn's moon Enceladus are among the science targets that NASA's James Webb space telescope has following its launch and commissioning, mission officials have announced.


Printed sensors may warn when to change your car tyres

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 15:00

New York, June 15 (IANS) Engineers in the US have invented an inexpensive printed sensor that can monitor the tread of car tyres in real time, warning drivers when the rubber meeting the road has grown dangerously thin.


Japan to launch third GPS satellite

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 14:42

Tokyo, June 15 (IANS) Japan is set to launch the third of its four global positioning system (GPS) satellites in August aimed at establishing an efficient communication system in the event of natural disasters.


China launches space telescope

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 14:00

Beijing, June 15 (IANS) China on Thursday launched its first space telescope to observe black holes, pulsars and gamma-ray bursts.


Microsoft AI first ever to reach perfect 999,990 score in Ms Pac-Man

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 11:50

San Francisco, June 15, Researchers at Maluuba, a deep-learning startup recently acquired by Microsoft, have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that became the first player ever to achieve a perfect 999,990 score in Ms Pac-Man -- an arcade video game.


China launches space telescope

Thu, 06/15/2017 - 10:08

Beijing, June 15 (IANS) China on Thursday launched its first ever space telescope to observe black holes, pulsars and gamma-ray bursts.