New Delhi, Aug 6 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday made a strong pitch for "participatory democracy", ssaying this can only succeed with the proper use of technology.

"Only casting your vote is not enough" in a democracy for good governance, Modi said, addressing a Town Hall-style event organised to mark the second anniversary of MyGov platform.

In the interactive programme on "The Spirit of Participatory Democracy with MyGov", an initiative launched by his government, Modi stressed on the need for effective "last mile delivery".

"Governance is linked to accountability. A person who is responsible should be also made accountable," he said, adding that he was being subjected to scrutiny and was under attack for any lapses even at the municipal level.

"It is believed in our country that good governance is bad politics," Modi said, and lamented that political parties after coming to power, often confine their strategies and government policies only to win elections.

He cautioned that without the spirit of good governance even huge amount of investment for any project would go waste.