New Delhi, Aug 6 (IANS) Terming "participatory democracy" the need of the hour for India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that governance suffers when people don't do their duty and hold others responsible for their failures.

He also said that governments in India must have a good grievance redressal system as it will strengthen democracy in the country.

"Governance suffers when people don't do their duties. They would hold others responsible for the work that they should be doing," the Prime Minister said while addressing a Town Hall-style event organised here to mark the second anniversary of MyGov platform.

"Participatory democracy is needed in a country like ours and technology has made it possible," he said.

Elaborating on good governance, he said it "comes with responsibility and accountability".

"Suppose a good hospital has been built by spending crores of rupees on it but doctors and other staffers there don't take care of the patients, then whole purpose (of having the hospital) gets defeated," he said, adding that accountability of the person responsible has to be fixed.

The Prime Minister also stressed that lesser the governance, the better it is.

"Governments have to change themselves. Procedures should be simplified and the system has to be made flawless," he added, saying that NDA government was in the process of making things like securing a licence or getting the original papers verified simple.

Answering a query on India's foreign policy under his government, he said it is based on "India first" concept.

On the condition of the Indian economy, Modi said that it was growing well at 7.5 percent but India needs stable growth for at least the next 30 years.

"Our economic development should be constant. It should not be fluctuating," he said, adding that if India is able to ensure growth at the rate of 8 percent per annum," every good thing of the world would be available to its people.

He also emphasised that natural resources should be utilised optimally as it will help the economy grow at a steady rate.

Modi, during his almost two-hour long address at the Indira Gandhi stadium, also urged the farmers of the country to switch over to new forms of agriculture in the changing times.

"Multiple crops with new methods are to be encouraged," he said.

Modi, who kept standing during his speech, also expressed concern over self-appointed cow vigilantes and said people who are actually worried about cows' welfare don't indulge in anti-social activities.

Modi also urged NRIs to inspire their friends to visit India as it would help tourism in the country.