Kolkata, Jan 12 (IANS) Author and sreenwriter Advaita Kala on Friday put her weight behind the need for the Women's Reservation Bill, saying she does not like the "boys club" look of the Parliament at present.

"We do need (quotas) for women. That's something I struggled with. Reservations is something that does concern me and does bother me. I do have a conflict with the whole concept of reservation.

"But I think at the present time, when I see what goes on in the parliament in terms just even superficial discourse the kind of commentary that exist and how it's a "boys club"...and I dont't know boys clubs irritate me," Kala said during an interaction at the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival here.

The Women's Reservation Bill was first introduced in Parliament in 1996 by the H.D. Deve Gowda government but no government has passed it yet.

The current version of the bill, the 108th Amendment of the Constitution, seeks to reserve 33 per cent of all seats in governing bodies at the central, state and local level.

For reservation in the Lok Sabha, one-third of all constituencies will be reserved for women on a rotation basis, such that a constituency will be reserved for one general election and not reserved for the following two elections.

Kala has penned female characters in popular Bollywood movies like "Anjaana-Anjaani" and "Kahaani" besides getting cr itical acclaim for her book "Almost Single".

"I am hoping we will see some movement on the women's reservation bill," she said.