New Delhi, Sep 22 (IANS) Asserting that action will be taken to avenge the Uri terror attack, Union Minister and former Army chief V.K. Singh on Thursday insisted any action should be taken in a strategically calculated manner instead of acting in haste.

"You can't get your soldiers killed every second day, and this (Uri) attack has been one of the biggest. The prime minister has said the guilty will be punished and I am quite sure action will be done. When we take action it must be done with a very cool and calculated thought, must be done as part of strategy so that it has results," Singh told CNN News 18.

"Immediately jumping into the fray does not get you results, I am sure things are being thought out, things are being executed and we will see the results," said the Minister of State for External Affairs.

Singh also ridiculed Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's attacks on New Delhi while raising the Kashmir issue at the UN General Assembly.

"Everybody knows what's happening in Kashmir and everybody knows it is the fault of Pakistan. So, where is it that you are coming out with all this mumbo-jumbo from? Everybody knows what is the state of Gilgit-Baltistan today, what is the condition in Sindh and Balochitan, who is harbouring Taliban, which is attacking Afghanistan.

"Pakistan has become the epicentre of terrorism not just in South Asia but the world," said Singh.

The former Army chief refused to comment on if there were lapses behind the recent terror attacks on military installations.

"I don't want to make unnecessary comments, the Ministry of Defence is taking stock of all these incidents that have taken place (terror attacks on military installations) and must have done their own analysis and come to conclusions. I am not privy to these, so I can't comment," added Singh.