New Delhi, May 27 (IANS) Seek good company, eat right to balance hormones and exercise for age management.

Anjali Hooda Sangwan, consultant - obesity, metabolic medicine and clinical nutrition, suggests how:

* Dietary advice: As age advances, people are not able to process dairy and gluten as well as they could when they were younger, so stay away from heavy calorie dairy. Gluten is also hard to digest, go for easy digesting grains like jowar, quinoa, and ragi as they also don't spike insulin like rice and wheat. Sugar is hard to metabolize as people grow older. So say no to a lot of sugar instead try consuming natural sugar like dates and figs.

* Balance hormones: It is important to balance your hormones with nutritious nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, protein whether it's plant or animal based.

* Exercise: Long term sustenance plan is needed. Muscle goes away as people age, it's important to train and work on muscles with some weights. You can hire a trainer to see what works for you and always consult your doctor first.

* Good company: Seek company of your friends. You need peers to support you mentally. Brainy hobby building is important too. Get on with Sudoku or puzzles or any brain game.

* Supplements: Get the right supplements for your age. Having calcium and vitamin D, fish oil in right proportions is important. Don't ignore magnesium supplements as well.

* Regular health check: Make sure you visit your doctor and get the appropriate cancer screening like pap smears and mammogram. Get your blood pressure checked.