New York, Nov 16, Sexual harassment, rather any form of sexual coercion, has been prevalent against women since ages. But a new study reveals that bisexual women are at a higher risk of sexual assault in comparison to straight women and lesbians.

It was noted that 50 per cent of bisexual women have experienced rape at one point of their lifetime, while approximately 75 per cent reported experiencing sexual violence.

The study, published in the Journal of Bisexuality, stated that bisexual women become an easy target for perpetrators due to intoxication, such as substance use, hypersexualisation, and biphobic harassment, that further contributes to negative mental health outcomes in the wake of sexual violence.

"The media, and pornography, in particular, have a long history of depicting women as 'bisexual' while engaging in same sex behaviours for the pleasure of male onlookers. Recently, this experience, which has been labelled 'performative bisexuality', has become common place in bars and at parties where two girls/women engage in same-sex behaviour for the purposes of arousing men/boys," said Nicole Johnson, professor at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, the US.

"Many of these women/girl later denounce bisexuality, furthering the 'invisible-hypervisible' experience of bisexuality," Nicole was quoted in an interview to, a public charity based in the US.

The study also found that the sexual violence enacted against bisexual women within intimate relationships may also result from social construction of bisexual women as especially worthy of distrust, jealousy, and other emotions and perceptions related to uneven power dynamics and hostility within the relationship.