Bengaluru, May 17 (IANS) With natural ingredients enhancing the flavour and aroma, meat marinated in hand-picked spices, Ammi's Biryani makes a must stop for anyone when in Bengaluru. And the restaurant chain has been successfully satisfying the tummy's love for biryani here for eight years mow.

Known for its home-like taste, Ammi's says it has sold 50 lakh biryanis since its inception in 2008 and continues to serve 70,000-80,000 portions of the fresh, delicious and inimitable culinary treat every month.

"Our 'Biryani in a Box' concept has managed to win many fans across the country thanks to our emphasis on purity, fresh ingredients and our service ethic," , Ammi's Biryani CEO Dipanjan Dey said.

Ammi's Biryani has managed to capture the hearts of foodies in Bengaluru by incorporating the 'Kachchi Dum' style in its preparations.

The process involves marinating meat or vegetables in curd and hand-picked spices. Then the long, slender aromatic basmati rice is blended with a balanced amount of ghee, vegetables and additional spices. The meat, vegetables and basmati rice are then cooked on slow flame in dum together for a few hours in a traditional handi.

The state-of-the-art kitchen and experienced hotel management professionals further add to the impeccable recipes, cooking and service that have help Ammi's popularity skyrocket.

"The 50-lakh milestone is indeed heartening and a great reward for our efforts to offer pure, wholesome food to the largest possible consumer base. We grew tremendously in 2015 and are looking forward to similar success and further expansion this year as well," added Dey.