Vatican press chief resigns over doctored letter

Wed, 03/21/2018 - 20:54

Vatican City, March 21 (IANS) The head of the Vatican's Communications Department resigned on Wednesday after coming under fire for doctoring a letter sent by retired Pope Benedict XVI.


Higher IQ may land you fatter pay cheque

Wed, 03/21/2018 - 20:02

London, March 21 (IANS) Just being nice is not enough, you need to be intelligent too to earn more and achieve success, a new study suggests.


Anaemia during pregnancy may double mortality risk: Study

Wed, 03/21/2018 - 19:26

London, March 21 (IANS) Pregnant women with anaemia are twice as likely to die during or shortly after pregnancy, compared to those without the condition, according to a study. The study involved over 300,000 women across 29 countries.


Parenting behaviour can raise babies' risk of obesity

Wed, 03/21/2018 - 19:00

New York, March 21 (IANS) Do you tend to feed your baby with tasty snacks simply to soothe his or her tantrums? Beware, it can result in quick, rapid weight-gain which may increase the risk of developing cardiometabolic disease later, researchers have warned.


Beetroot compound may prevent Alzheimer's

Wed, 03/21/2018 - 16:00

New York, March 21 (IANS) A compound found in beetroot that gives the vegetable its distinctive red colour could help prevent Alzheimer's, finds a study that could lead to the development of drugs for treating the disease.


Sanjay Dutt 'upset' but what can he do? (News Analysis)

Wed, 03/21/2018 - 15:38

New Delhi, March 21 (IANS) Celebrity memoirs and biographies, despite the terrific attraction they have for readers, have come to be quite controversial in recent times. It was not very long ago that actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui was compelled to withdraw his memoir "An Ordinary Life" and it seems yesterday once more with Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt "upset" over his "unauthorised" biography by Yasser Usman.


Non-steroidal painkillers may harm your heart

Wed, 03/21/2018 - 13:14

Taipei, March 21 (IANS) Beware of the painkiller you are taking as researchers have found that consumption of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may increase the chances of heart-related complications.


High meat intake may up liver disease risk

Wed, 03/21/2018 - 13:06

New York, March 21 (IANS) Meat lovers please take note. Increased consumption of red or processed meat may increase the risk of developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), researchers have found.


Poor dental health linked to diabetes risk

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 17:34

New York, March 20 (IANS) You may be at an increased risk of diabetes if you are not taking care of your dental health, warns a new study which suggests that dental examination may provide a way to identify the risk for developing the disease.


WhatsApp message to wrong number got this man hitched

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 14:14

London, March 20 (IANS) Love is beautiful... Perhaps a little more so when someone finds it without putting much of an effort. But can it blossom even from an innocent WhatsApp message sent to a wrong number? Michael Evangelou from Colliers Wood in south London would say 'yes'.


Lap-band surgery may lower chronic knee pain

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 13:22

New York, March 20 (IANS) Obese people who have a band surgically strapped around their stomach to restrict food intake not only lose weight but will also suffer less from arthritic knee pain, a new study suggests.