India prevented 1 mn child deaths since 2005: Lancet

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 14:46

Toronto, Sep 20 (IANS) India has averted nearly one million deaths of children under five years of age since 2005, owing to a significant decrease in deaths from preventable diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhoea, tetanus and measles, according to a study, led by a researcher of Indian-origin.


Researchers identify gonorrhoea vaccine candidates

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 14:24

New York, Sep 20 (IANS) Researchers have identified a pair of proteins that may help develop a vaccine to prevent gonorrhoea, a sexually transmitted disease that affects millions of people around the globe, with nearly 78 million new cases estimated each year.


World running out of antibiotics, WHO warns

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 11:46

Geneva, Sep 20 (IANS) Antibiotics that are currently in clinical development are insufficient to combat the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance, a World Health Organisation (WHO) report said.


Russian, Indian firms ink deal to produce drugs for HIV

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 18:46

Moscow, Sep 19 (IANS) Russian state-run National Immunobiological Company (Nacimbio) on Tuesday announced signing an agreement with Indian pharma firm Mylan Laboratories on the transfer of technology for producing readymade dosage forms and active pharmaceutical agents for the treatment of HIV.


Four-month-old Sudanese boy with TGA gets new lease of life

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 16:54

New Delhi, Sep 19 (IANS) A four and a half months old Sudanese national suffering from transposition of the great arteries (TGA), a congenital heart defect, has been cured at a hospital here, hospital authorities said on Tuesday.


WHO grants $175,000 for Rohingyas' healthcare in Cox's Bazar

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 15:26

New Delhi, Sep 19 (IANS) The WHO has released its first tranche of emergency funding of $175,000 to provide lifesaving healthcare to the "vulnerable population" in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar, a statement said on Tuesday.


WHO urges actions against non-communicable diseases

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 03:42

Geneva, Sep 19 (IANS) The World Health Organization (WHO) urged governments worldwide to address non-communicable diseases (NCDs) with "bolder political actions" to save millions of people from premature deaths.


Childhood brain cancer treatment to get gentler

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 15:00

London, Sep 18 (IANS) Children with the most common type of brain cancer could soon have gentler treatment options, thanks to the discovery that the condition can be divided into seven separate sub-groups each needing a different treatment.


Genetic flaw may lead to high insulin levels: Study

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 13:30

London, Sep 18 (IANS) Researchers have discovered how a genetic mutation may lead to excess production of insulin, a condition known as congenital hyperinsulinism, even if the patients have not eaten any carbohydrates.


Carbohydrates could be key to improved malaria vaccine

Sun, 09/17/2017 - 11:22

Sydney, Sep 17 (IANS) Offering vital clues to improving malaria vaccine, an international research team has shown that carbohydrates on the surface of malaria parasites play a critical role in their ability to infect mosquito and human hosts.


Zydus' Nesher gets USFDA nod to market influenza drug

Sat, 09/16/2017 - 22:48

Ahmedabad, Sep 16 (IANS) Pharmaceuticals major Zydus Cadila on Saturday said that Nesher Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of its US arm, has received final approval from the US health regulator to market an oral suspension of Oseltamivir powder, used for treatment and prevention of influenza.