Drink peppermint tea to boost your memory

Fri, 04/29/2016 - 11:30

London, April 29 (IANS) Are you finding it difficult to remember things? If yes, drink peppermint tea, as according to a new study, it can improve long-term and working memory in healthy adults.


Beware! Retweeting can hamper your memory

Fri, 04/29/2016 - 11:30

New York, April 29 (IANS) Retweeting or sharing information on the micro-blogging site can actually make things worse for you as it creates a "cognitive overload" that interferes with learning and retaining what you've just seen, researchers report.


How low testosterone ups diabetes risk

Fri, 04/29/2016 - 10:58

New York, April 29 (IANS) Opening the door for new treatment for Type-2 diabetes in men, researchers have discovered the mechanism that put males with low testosterone at greater risk of developing the debilitating disease.


NASA-inspired 'miracle suit' saving new mothers from death

Fri, 04/29/2016 - 10:06

Washington, April 29 (IANS) Inspired by NASA research on inflated anti-gravity suit or G-suit, "miracle suits" are helping new mothers survive blood loss after birth in developing countries, including India.


Knee replacement saves 65-year-old from rare disease

Thu, 04/28/2016 - 22:12

New Delhi, April 28 (IANS) A 65-year-old businessman, who was suffering from a rare genetic disorder in which his knees turned black and hard, was successfully cured after undergoing a total knee replacement surgery at a Delhi hospital.


Longer sitting hours ups heart attack risk

Thu, 04/28/2016 - 11:38

New York, April 28 (IANS) Spending too much time sitting is bad for your heart as researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have found that sedentary behaviour is associated with increased amounts of calcium deposits in the heart's arteries, which in turn is linked to a higher risk of heart attack.


How do breast cancer cells spread?

Thu, 04/28/2016 - 11:04

New York, April 28 (IANS) A team of researchers, including an Indian-origin scientist, has found that breast cancer cells spread to other parts of the body by sliding around other cells blocking their escape route out of the original tumour.


Stem cell therapy launched in northeast

Thu, 04/28/2016 - 02:04

Guwahati, April 28 (IANS) Following the success of stem cell therapy in curing several types of spinal problems and paralysis, the therapy was launched in India's northeastern region.


Novel genetic method could lead to vaccine for cancer, asthma

Wed, 04/27/2016 - 16:30

London, April 27 (IANS) Danish researchers have developed a novel genetic method that could lead to the development of safe and effective vaccines for controlling diseases such as cancer, asthma, and allergies.


Yoga may reduce impact of asthma in your life

Wed, 04/27/2016 - 13:50

Hong Kong, April 27 (IANS) If you are suffering from asthma, practising yoga may offer some relief from the chronic disease and improve your quality of life, suggests new research.


Fatty liver may increase heart disease, mortality

Wed, 04/27/2016 - 13:03

London, April 27 (IANS) A patient suffering from fatty liver disease is prone to an increased risk of heart disease as well as the mortality rates associated with it, a new study has found.


Certain genes can make you more prone to addiction

Wed, 04/27/2016 - 11:56

New York, April 27 (IANS) Why do some people who kick a drug habit manage to stay clean, while others relapse? Why do some families seem more prone to addiction than others? The answers may have a lot to do with specific genetic factors that vary from individual to individual, a new study suggests.