Indian obsession for selfies with white people and “Atithi Devo Bhava”

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Tanuja_pattnaik Thu, 10/26/2017 - 12:14 “Atithi Devo Bhava”, Swiss couple

It is hard to believe that a land from where such a beautiful verse originated, is where guests are treated so badly. Starting from passing lewd comments, to staring, to stalking, foreign tourists in India have had to face harassment in every form imaginable. Just recently, a couple from Switzerland caught the public’s eye because of the assault they faced at the hands of some young men.
Quentin Jeremy Clerc and his girlfriend Marie Droxz, both 24, were visiting Agra. After spending some time at the Taj Mahal, they went to Fatehpur Sikri. It was here that they were attacked. The couple was strolling around a railway track, when four young men started off by following them for over an hour. Gradually, they started commenting, and trying to engage in a conversation with Mr. Clerc and Ms. Droxz. The duo tried their best to avoid the four men, and kept ignoring them. But the men didn’t stop. They even went to the extent of blocking their path and forcibly clicking selfies with Ms. Droxz.
What happened next is just revolting. On attempting to get away from the four men, the couple was attacked. They were beaten up by the men. Mr. Clerc states that he was repeatedly hit with a stick until he fell down on the ground. He suffered from a fractured skull, a clot in his brain, and a nerve in his ear was also affected, which had led to partial loss in hearing. Ms. Droxz was also badly injured, and ended up with a fractured arm.
The couple has been admitted in Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, and the police have caught one of the assaulters. The search for the other men involved, in still going on. But how does it help anyone? These attacks have been going on since a long time, and is nowhere close to ceasing. Just in 2017, there have been over 20 incidents where foreign tourists were looted, attacked, or molested in India.
Multiple cases of molestation and rape of female tourists have also been reported. Incidents such as the one that happened in Ajmer this April is a matter of shame for the entire nation. How does one justify attacking a group of tourists, looting them, and tearing off the clothes of one of the female tourists?
These tourists come to India to have a good time, and end up leaving scarred for life. The entire country should be ashamed of such incidents. The name of the country is tarnished because of such acts by a few people. The safety and security of foreign tourists should be given utmost importance. After all, they are our guests, and we do believe in the verse mentioned above. It is high time the verse was implemented properly.

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