Haven’t you heard? “Do what you love and you will not work for a day”

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Tanuja_pattnaik Sat, 10/28/2017 - 01:56 Dreams, Life

Dreams... The very essence of human life... People have various kinds of dreams. Some dream of becoming a movie actor while some dream of being a part of the national cricket team. Maybe someone dreams of becoming a singer or dancer while yet someone else may want to become a writer.
 There are undeniably people who also dream of becoming an engineer or doctor (which is the general Indian mindset). But what I am talking about here, are the more creative dreams; the innovative ones; dreams that are uncommon, out-of-the-box.
These are the dreams that actually define your passion; these define who you actually are. These are the dreams that differentiate you from all others.
What really makes me wonder is, what makes people give up on these dreams; these dreams that they have nurtured since they were little kids. It seems, as though they leave behind these dreams in some dark corner of their hearts as a part of growing up.
Making money, maintaining a social status and such petty things seem to occupy those brains which once dreamt of the most creative and innovative things. Where does it all get lost? Why does a grown-up brain seem so muddled over silly things rather than giving their dreams a chance?
The joy of pursuing, and ultimately fulfilling a dream is beyond measure. The simple immensity of this joy has the power to completely change one’s life. People say they need to earn a living; that they need to make money. And for that, they need to have a profession. I say, make your passion your profession. Haven’t you heard?

                                              “Do what you love and you will not work for a day.”

Life is never an easy path. There always will be obstacles. But it is in the wake of these obstacles that you actually understand your strengths. Giving up on your dreams is never the solution. Dedication and hard work is.
What is even more important is, believing in your dreams. If at some point of time, you could dream of such a thing, it was because you believed that you have the potential to achieve it. And if you ever thought of such a thing, then trust me; you have it in you to do it.   
If you think it’s not easy and nobody really does anything like that; if you think that all this is just a dumb lecture on my part, then let me tell you that you are thoroughly mistaken.
Look around you. There are increasingly many people who are following their hearts and pursuing their passion. There are so many people out there who are living their dreams.
That is because, they had the guts to go on a different path. They chose to shut the mouths of all those who did not support them in their pursuit.
Yes, today families are becoming more supportive of their children’s career choices. But there still are many who are being forced into the typical career options by their parents. Sometimes, it is the fear of society that makes people shy away from their dreams.
But I ask, for how long? For how long will one keep suppressing the heart’s desires? For how long will a person be bound by the chains of society?
It’s high time, one has to break free. It’s time to speak up about what you love, and pursue it. No matter what your age is, and where you are, or what position you hold, the most important thing you can do is releasing yourself from these very restrictions, or might I say excuses. Go, live your dream. Liberate yourself.

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